MCCG project funding summary

Moggill Creek Catchment Group actively seeks funding from a variety of organizations to support the work that it does. Membership fees cover some of the costs of our activities, but we need to apply for grants to enable us to undertake major projects.

Most of the projects for which we seek funding are for bush regeneration work on public land, but we also need grants to cover our administration costs, equipment, information booklets, events and workshops.

Current projects Led by  Funded by  Value 
Student Streamsavers Stage 4:
Restoration of bushland along Moggill Creek at Kenmore SHS targeting weed species of Madeira vine/ Glycine and Cat's Claw for 200 linear metres of creek bank from the entrance of Mackay Brook to Branton St "SPACE" centre car park.
Damien Egan
In Progress
 Albert George and Nancy Caroline Youngman Trust  $10,000
Rafting Ground Reserve: 
Removal of weeds alongside creek riparian zone, habitat restoration with native plantings, mulch and maintenance. 

Malcolm Frost
In Progress  

SEQ Catchments
Caring For Country 

(over 3 years)
Bush Restoration Savages Road:
Clearing of weeds along the creek bank, placement of jute matting and coir logs and the purchase and planting of plants. 
 John Crowley
In Progress
NRMA   $4,500
Cats Claw Creeper Control Strategy:
Development of a strategy with SEQ Catchments and BCC to minimise the spread of exotic canopy killer vines in the catchment. 
Warren Hoey 
In Progress 
SEQ Catchments
Caring For Country 
Administration Grant:
Funding to assist with administration, brochure production, fuel costs etc
Letitia Norton 
In Progress
 Brisbane City Council Community Conservation Assistance Program