Feather Fascination

Residents of Brisbane's Western Suburbs would no doubt be familiar with the "Feather Fascination" column in the monthly community publication "The Local Bulletin". 

These popular articles are penned by MCCG member Jim Butler, who has faithfully been sharing his birding experiences exclusively with The Local Bulletin readers since 2012.  The accompanying photos are usually supplied by Ed Frazer of Brookfield, who is also well known in the local community for his crisp and colourful images of the remarkable birdlife in our Catchment.

The articles also contribute to a repository of educational resources provided for anyone interested in learning about local birds and their behaviour. Creating these resources is an activity of the long-running MCCG Bird Project - to read more, click here

The editors of The Local Bulletin have kindly allowed the MCCG to share Jim's articles online. Stay tuned for some wonderful reading and photos! Our thanks to Jim, Ed and to The Local Bulletin!

Feather Fascination 2019

Feather Fascination August 2019 Feather Fascination August 2019 (938 KB)

... learn about King Parrots, and how birds view the world

Feather Fascination July 2019 Feather Fascination July 2019 (1053 KB)

...  the little Eurasian Coot is looking after our ecosystems

Feather Fascination June 2019 Feather Fascination June 2019 (1579 KB)

... talking Tawnies!

Feather Fascination May 2019 Feather Fascination May 2019 (918 KB)

 ... who are our latest visitors from the southern states?  ... and they're lovely!

Feather Fascination April 2019 Feather Fascination April 2019 (1131 KB)

... the Purple Swamphen has a remarkable and little-known place in history 

Feather Fascination March 2019 Feather Fascination March 2019 (1096 KB)

... the Brown Honeyeater, remarkable behaviours of a seemingly non-remarkable bird!

Feather Fascination February 2019 Feather Fascination February 2019 (1010 KB)

... Juligira, Blue-Jay, Shuffle-wing -  do you know what the common name for this bird is?

Feather Fascination January 2019 Feather Fascination January 2019 (1055 KB)

... Learn which honeyeater eats insects, caterpillars and spiders!

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