A Day/Night in the Life of a Platypus Ecologist

 ... and so much more!

Our Spring Newsletter is now available online by clicking "Download our Latest Newsletter".

It features an article by platypus ecologist Tamielle Blunt, supported by many other noteworthy contributions from MCCG members.

Bryan Hacker has nominated a significant tree in our catchment, with a description and photo. Take a look - perhaps you know this very tree!

We strongly recommend you spend a happy half hour browsing through the articles and pictures.

You should also read an online story about platypus tracking related to Tamielle's, which was written by Beck Bain. Click here to enjoy!

We extend our very special thanks to our editor Cathi Lawrence, and to Jim Pope, Bryan Hacker, Ed Frazer, Phil Bird, James Butler, Beck and all those who contributed to this issue.