Cottage Talk Thurs 15th Oct 2015 - Why Record Wildlife Sightings

Thursday 15 October 10 am- 12 Talk at the Cottage: “Why record Wildlife Sightings” by Brent Smith.
"A bird in a record is worth two in the bush"
What Brent will be talking about is how easy it can be to find out what lives in your local area and how valuable it can be to record the wildlife that you see in your area. He will be showing examples of what information is available on wildlife, how to find this information and where people are interested, how they can add to our understanding of the local environment.

Brent can explain how ehp Spot the Wildlife and collect the data. He has a background in zoo keeping, wildlife management, construction environmental management and works for ehp, but this talk is from his private passionate interest in having everyone, not just scientists, recording data relevant to wildlife and the environment.

Contact Dale Borgelt on 3374 1035 or [email protected] to book your place if you can come to this most interesting and informative talk and demo by Brent Smith about recording wildlife sightings