CWCN Christmas activities

Each Christmas our Cubberla-Witton Catchment Catchment  Network colleagues never fail to deliver a wonderful program of children's educational activities. Here's their invite for 2018:

The holidays are approaching fast. and CWCN again has a great program ready for our young crowd. Lots of hands-on engagement and fun learning, and all about the environment and/or sustainability. Of course, there is a small healthy morning tea included in all activities. All activities take place at the CWCN Centre, 47 Hepworth St, Chapel Hill (UBD 178 A11). They start at 9:30am and finish at 12:00 noon. We charge a fee of $15 per child ($10 for CWCN members). 

Thursday, 20th December 2018
‘Tis the Season—Time to Create Your Very Own Christmas Tree and Decorations
Prep to primary school age
What a fun way of getting ready for the festivities! How about making your very own tree by using recycled wrapping paper from last year or from a birthday? The end result will be a stunning wall hanging celebrating the season. Of course, there is more. We have aprons but recommend that you don’t wear your best outfit!
Thursday, 10th January 2019 
Fenella Flutterwing & Munching Mike - Enviro Detectives at Work Investigating Butterflies
Prep to early primary school age
Who doesn’t like butterflies?  Seeing them makes us feel happy, and we know it’s summer. We look for young detectives who want to know more about butterflies. What better way than finding all the answers by putting wings on and becoming a butterfly for one morning. This is learning by having fun! And we top it all by celebrating a butterfly wedding!

Tuesday, 15th January 2019
Colourful Bottle Cap and Other Creations
Prep to early primary school age
Plastic is everywhere. It’s not like compost which turns into good soil for growing vegies or flowers. Where do all the many milk, soda and juice  bottles end up? What do you do with the many caps of all these bottles? Let’s reuse them and create something amazing. Become a bottle cap artist for one morning and after that, we’ll recycle even more plastic and transform it into fun items you can use at home.
Thursday, 17th January 2019
Tristan Truffle and Pixie Cap — Enviro Detectives at Work Hunting Fungi
Primary school age
What’s all this talk about fairy rings, witch’s butter, little pixies, ghost and ghoul fungi and toadstools? Our enviro detectives have a lot of work to do. They’ll figure out what mushrooms are, how they work, and why they are so important. Then there is also the issue of solving a crime, just the right thing for our detectives. This truly is a morning for investigators who are also budding scientists. Lots of hands on activities promise fun. 
Tuesday, 22nd January 2019 
The Fantastic Plastic, Tin & Cardboard Concert Band!
Prep to primary school age
Yeah! We are making music. Before we give our first concert, we have to understand what sound is and how it comes about. That alone is lots of fun because we hear elephants, see rice dance, feel and see sound move. Then we have to create our very own instruments. Can an old shoe box be a ukulele, a pipe, a trumpet or a raspberradoohoo (I bet you want to know what that is)? Can drinking straws sing, beakers imitate animals, can kitchen rolls sound like rain? Have you ever played a thongaton? We’ll have loads of fun!

For full details and to register please download the flyer: 

CWCN School Hol Flyer summer 2018-2019 CWCN School Hol Flyer summer 2018-2019 (1131 KB)