Join the Wild Macadamia Hunt!

Could you have a WILD MACADAMIA TREE  on your property?

There are potentially thousands of wild macadamia trees hidden away on private properties or in bushland so Healthy Land and Water, in conjunction with Brisbane City Council, is calling for your help to find them! 

If you know of an old macadamia tree that could be more than 100 years old, they would love to hear from you!

While plantation macadamia trees are abundant in Australia, their once-plentiful wild relatives are under threat, with estimates suggesting 80 per cent of all wild macadamia habitat has been lost since European settlement.

So Healthy Land and Water has launched ‘The Wild Macadamia Hunt’ which is calling on Brisbane residents to find and register macadamia trees. Leaves will be genetically analysed to help determine the best way to conserve the species for the future.

This is a citizen project you can be part of from your home!

For more information visit the Healthy Land and Water website.