Public Talk: Thurs 19 September

The MCCG Catchment Field Guides have become the most accessed segments of our MCCG website. The guides have been made possible through the photographs produced in the catchment by wildlife photographer, Ed Frazer.

Ed has also delighted us with his many stories in our Bush Bites series.

Most of the photos have been taken on Ed’s 54-acre property alongside Gold Creek at Brookfield.

Join Ed as he talks about locating and photographing our catchment's elusive wildlife. 

Ed will share his photography secrets at Brookfield Hall on Thursday 19th September, with the talk commencing at 7.00pm

Ed will discuss how he has been able to find and photograph 172 bird species and several types of mammals including echidnas, platypus, koalas, antechinus, phascogales, and gliders.

He will also share his secrets about photographing elusive butterflies and dragonflies.

Ed will explain the use of trail cameras and camouflage hides, strategies he uses to find and get close to take the subjects of his prize winning shots. He'll also talk about managing your property and garden in order to attract wildlife.

© Ed Frazer 

For more info about the talk, please email: [email protected]